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Follow these steps to run the program:

  1. Download and install the program.
  2. Start the program: From Start menu, Elink -> Online Product Search.
  3. Load Sample Data: File -> Open..., load demo-en.xml.
  4. Double click on any title cell (first column)in the table for detail product view.
  5. To start a new keyword search: right click on "Keyword Search", enter your search term, then click "Search!".
  6. To start a new seller search: right click on "Sellers Search", enter eBay seller ID, then click "Search!".
  7. The maximum items per search page is 200, you can search up to 10 pages.
  8. You can specify minimum monthly revenue, product sale less than than the minimum monthly revenue will be ignored.
  9. To review your sponsor tree: Option -> View Sponsor Tree


To access the full functionality, you need to sign up to the system and log into your account.